Samsung 12.5 Inch Glass Turntable Tray Part No. DE74-20015G

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This Samsung brand 12-1/2 inch microwave replacement glass turntable plate is compatible only with the Samsung Microwave Oven Models listed below.

This glass replacement tray represents Samsung Part No. DE74-20015G and is an original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) part.


Please consult the tips on this website’s Home Page for direction on how to find your specific model number.

If you do not see your model below, contact Samsung directly through their Customer Support Department HERE.

You can also send us an email through our Contact Page and we will help you find the model you need — if not offered on our website.


This glass turntable will only fit the Samsung Microwave Oven models listed below. If you are unsure about compatibility please email us with your model number before ordering this glass turntable.

Compatible Samsung Microwave Oven Models

AMC5101AAB, AMC5101AAS, AMC5101AAW, AMC5108AAB, AMC5108AAW, AMV1154BAB, AMV1154BAQ, AMV1154BAS, AMV1154BAW, AMV1154BAZ, AMV5164BAB, AMV5164BAQ, AMV5164BAS, AMV5164BAW, AMV5164BCB, AMV5164BCS, AMV5164BCW, BMHC815SS, BMHC815WW, CE2933, CE2944N, CM1012B, CM1020B, CM1022B, GE107Y, HQZ285VB, M1933, M197DN, M197DNR, MC1002WB, MC1015BB, MC1015UBB, MC1015UWB, MC1015WB, MC6566W, MD800SC, MD800WC, ME1060SB, ME1060WB, ME1240SC, ME1260SA, ME1260SB, ME1280STC, ME5490W, MG1045WC, MG11H2020CT, MG5696W, MMV1153BAB, MMV1153BAS, MMV1153BAW, MO1450CA, MO1450WA, MR1031CWC, MR1031UWC, MR1031WB, MR1032BB, MR1032CBC, MR1032UBC, MR1033SB, MR1034CBD, MR1034CWD, MR1034UBD, MR1034UWD, MR1050USTC, MR5371G, MR5471G, MR5481G, MR5482W, MR5483G, MR5491G, MR5491G01, MR5492W, MR5492W01, MR5493G, MR5493G01, MR5494W, MS1040BB, MS1040CB, MS1040WB, MS1070WA, MS1240BB, MS1240CB, MS1240WB, MS1270BA, MS1270WA, MS5784W, MS5796W, MS5796W01, MT1044BB, MT1044CB, MT1044WB, MT1055WD, MT1066SB, MT1088SB, MT1199ST, MW1020BA, MW1020WA, MW1030BA, MW1030SA, MW1030SB, MW1030WA, MW1030WC, MW1040BC, MW1040WA, MW1040WC, MW1050STC, MW1060BA, MW1060SA, MW1080STA, MW1135WB, MW1150BA, MW1150DA, MW1150WA, MW1180STA, MW1230WA, MW1245BA, MW1245BB, MW1245WB, MW1255BA, MW1255SA, MW1255WA, MW1280STA, MW1280STD, MW1550SA, MW5330T, MW5350W, MW5351G, MW5360W, MW5370W, MW5380W, MW5381G, MW5430W, MW5470W, MW5471G, MW5480W, MW5490K, MW5490W, MW5491G, MW5552W, MW5554W, MW5572W, MW5573G, MW5574W, MW5575G, MW5582W, MW5592W, MW5593G, MW5630T, MW5695G, MW5695GS, MW5730W, MW5892S, MW5896W, MW5897G, MW6350R, MW8103SS, MW8103SSC, MW945WB, MW965BB, MW965WB, PG113R, SMH3150BF, SMH3150BG, SMH3150WF, SMH3150WG, SMH5165STG, SMH6140BB, SMH6140WB, SRH1230ZG, TM1020B, UMV1152CAB, UMV1152CAQ, UMV1152CAS, UMV1152CAW

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