Replacement Glass Plate Rival Microwave Walmart Purchased

Rival Microwave Oven Replacement Turntable

Customer Assistance

If you purchased a Rival Microwave Oven at Walmart, then a replacement Rival glass plate may not be available through microwave glass plate replacement websites like ours.

Walmart has licensed the Rival brand name for some of the microwave models sold in their stores and have had these microwave ovens made, specifically for Walmart, at factories in China.


The only way to get parts for these Walmart purchased Rival Brand Microwave Ovens is to contact Walmart’s toll-free Customer Service number directly at 1-866-321-9509.

This DOES NOT apply to ALL Rival Microwave Models, only those purchased directly from Walmart.


This information was received from Rival® Brand Customer Service representatives at 1-800-557-4825.

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